Our Team

Meet Our Leaders

• Epic Staff •

Our highly trained and Board Certified Behavior Analyst work closely with your child and are devoted to their overall growth and success. Meet the team that will be working with your little one.

Angel Pollard
MS, BCBA Program Director

As a graduate of the University of North Texas, Angel loves what she does and has been dedicated to training children for success.

Mandi Redmon Gomez
MS, BCBA Business Director

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Mandi is commited to providing quality training services to children in need.  She is passionate about her work.

Brandi Fonville
MS, BCBA Consultant

Brandi enjoys seeing the success of her students in 1:1 sessions as well as watching their growth as they reach progressive goals in their learning.  

Megan Morrison
MS, BCBA Consultant

Megan is deeply committed to, and passionate about helping children and adolescents reach their full potential.  

Our Therapist Roster

• Asha A, RBT •

• Manju N, - M. Ed •

• Raveen K, RBT •

• Janee C, RBT •

• Alan C, RBT •

• Maya C, RBT •

• Hannah P, RBT •

• Desmon C, RBT •

• Binnett A, RBT •

• Sabrin A, RBT •

• Lonnie D, Behavior Therapist •

• Trista P, RBT •

• Dominique R, RBT •

• Priscilla B, Behavior Therapist •

• Ray E, RBT •

• Ivori J, Behavior Therapist •

• Amy R, Behavior Therapist •

• Jennica P, Behavior Therapist •