Feeding Therapy

Behavioral Feeding Therapy

Behavioral Feeding Therapy is recommended for children whose mealtime is generally met with challenging behaviors which can include but not limited to, tantrums, food refusal, refusal to sit at the table to eat, as well as gagging and vomiting. 

Behavioral Feeding Therapy is provided using applied behavioral analysis (ABA) principles. The ABA principles implemented in the Behavioral Feeding Therapy program are evidenced based. 

Our Behavioral Feeding Program

Where Will Therapy Occur & Who Will Participate?


Behavioral Feeding Therapy will be provided in center and in child’s home, or in any environment in which the problematic feeding typically occurs.



Therapy will be implemented by Registered Behavior Technicians who have also been trained in feeding therapy methods.



An effective Behavioral Feeding Therapy Model is one that includes participation from all members of a child’s team. Members of a child’s team can include but are not limited to parents, care providers, teachers, and other therapy providers.


Coordination of
Care Services

What Steps Will Be Taken?

Upon intake our Epic Strides team will determine if your child's needs are only behavioral or more involved. We will coordinate with your child’s pediatrician, nutritionist, speech pathologist, and/or occupational therapist to ensure everyone is onboard with the plan.

Our goal is to provide collaborative and consistent communications to all parties involved for not only safer and more effectice care, but also a smooth transition for your child into our program.


For questions regarding the Behavioral Feeding Program contact us.

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