• Feedback from our Former Clients •

~solicited from anonymous former clients

I would like to begin this testimonial by saying that Epic Strides has gone above and beyond of what we had initially expected of them and we could not have chosen a better place for our daughter’s therapy. Our daughter was diagnosed with level 2 (moderate) autism and speech disorder around age 3. She started her program with Epic Strides at age 4. At that time she could not even form simple sentences or follow through with simple instructions. Now with two years of hard work and patience from her BCBA and RBTs she attends to all people in her surroundings and even talks about her feelings. She is even able to make friends and build other relationships. They also worked with her on self-help and safety skills. We are just amazed at how she has grown into a wonderful person who is now fearless and so full of life. I am so proud of her and grateful to her therapists especially Mandi who worked with her and our family tirelessly over past two years. Thanks to Epic Strides’ exceptional ABA program our daughter is now attending regular school with other neuro-typical children. We highly recommend Epic Strides to anyone looking for any type of therapy. They have so many programs that may meet your individual needs. They left a long lasting impression on our family and I have no doubt they will do the same for you.

~solicited ~anonymous former clients

When we were newly diagnosed we got so lucky to have Epic Strides on our top list of ABA centers from our Developmental Pediatrician. Although their waitlist was huge the owner/ BCBA was so understanding and welcoming sooner than the estimated wait we went through the intake process and we were so amazed with the amount of care , love and professionalism from all the stuff members! My son skills were striving and his concerned behaviors were getting under control in less than 3 months! We stayed in services with Epic Strides for more than 4 years they worked on all of our son’s difficulties and accommodated our family’s needs and helped us achieve all our goals they were more than a family to us and my son loved going to the center he was so loved and spoiled from each and every one!

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